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Ambit Energy scam claims or Ambit Energy pyramid scheme claims are frivolous. They basically derive from consultant that were not successful in Ambit Energy. These claims may also derive from other MLM competitors to help discourage people from joining this ground breaking opportunity. Ambit Energy is not only 100% legitimate, it’s the real deal. This article serve as a basis to set the record straight against those false Ambit Energy scam claims. So one can truly make an inform decision about joining this great company as an independent consultant or as a customer.

Ambit Energy Credibility Combats Any Ambit Energy scam Claims:

Ambit Energy is license by the public utility commission in the available markets they do business. This includes PA, IL, NY, Texas, and Maryland. Ambit Energy is a member of the Direct Sellers Association (DSA). This means the company and it’s consultants uphold the DSA code of ethic, upstanding business practices. The company was named the fastest growing company by INC500 magazine in 2010. In addition, Ambit Energy has an ‘A’ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Let’s Review Some Facts about Why Ambit Energy scam claims are Frivolous:

  • The Better Business Bureau does not register scam companies or give them an ‘A’ rating for several years.
  • The Federal trade commission does not register scam companies.
  • A scam company would not be rated the #1 fastest growing, privately owned, company in America by INC 500 in 2010 and again in 2011.
  • A scam company would not be license by the public utility commission in every state it offers service.
  • A scam company has no product or service to sell. Ambit Energy is a license retail energy provider.  There is no Ambit Energy scam here.

Why The Ambit Energy scam or Ambit Energy pyramid scheme claims?

The internet is not regulated. Anyone can put up a website and post content about anything. So you are going to find articles on the internet alleging that Ambit Energy is a scam but that doesn’t make it true. People are entitle to their opinions but the facts are also online. There are creditable sites such as the BBB, Direct Seller Association, and INC Magazine that negates any Ambit Energy scam claims or any Ambit Energy pyramid scheme claims. So you decide who you want to believe. The BBB, DSA, INC 500 or a random opinion blog on the internet. Also Wikipedia is a great source for reference and according to Wikipedia; a pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment, services or ideals, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme or training them to take part, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud and it is illegal. Ambit Energy is a retail energy and natural gas supplier. The company offers a service base product that is a necessity for 99.5% of the population. So again, any Ambit Energy pyramid schemes claims or Ambit Energy scam claims are completely false. Most people are just not aware of the company core structure and the MLM business model, which may surprise you.

Multi-Level Marketing is a business model that uses personal relationship as a distribution method. Ambit Energy uses the exact same business model to distribute their service base product. This form of advertisement target the warm market with a higher success rate while keeping customer acquisition cost low. Subsequently, this helps Ambit to pass on more savings to customers. It’s that simple and there is no ambit energy scam here. Network marketing business model focuses on word of mouth advertisement rather than traditional form of marketing that uses billboards, commercial, media outlets, etc. In addition, the company uses this business model because they rather compensate regular people for their efforts than advertisement or marketing firms.

Some other Ambit Energy scam claims are coming from other independent consultants who did not make money with the company. The company is real upfront about it’s policies, compensation plan etc. They don’t proclaim this opportunity to be a get rich quick scheme. On the contrary it is a long term business venture. As a consultant with Ambit Energy we only do two things. We help a few family members and friends save money on their electric bill. It’s that simple, no product training required. The people who are more likely to fail with Ambit Energy are people looking who are looking for fast way to get rich. Some people because they fail at somethings automatically points the blame at the company and not them-self. But don’t believe the hype. Ambit’s business model makes sense and Ambit Energy scam are false.

How many other mlm business models requires you to convince people to change their buying habits? Ambit energy is not your typical MLM Company that requires you to sell or enroll people in auto-ship just to make money. On the contrary, Ambit Energy does not force anyone to change any buying habits. There are absolutely no cost to customers who switches to Ambit Energy service. Customers can save money on their bills every single month. If you choose to believe the false Ambit Energy scam claims or any of the Ambit Energy pyramid claims you will truly miss out on the a great opportunity. Energy deregulation is happening now and you can join the movement of the biggest transfer of wealth this county has ever seen or you could wonder 5yrs from now what happened. You decide, whether you want to believe in those false Ambit Energy scam claims or you want to team up with a great company that will help you on your journey to financial freedom.

To Living Life Limitless,

Latoya Perry
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s March 6, 2012 at

Look at Madoff, who scammed 30 billion. He was on NASDAQ, he was in INC magazine, he was with BBB, and licensed by the FTC yet his entire business was a scam. Hell, members of his staff went to congress years before and reported to congress it was a ponzi scheme and congress ignored them.

Latoya Perry March 7, 2012 at

True….but the reason why it was a ponzi scheme is because there was no actual product. Ambit energy is a retail energy provider. The savings that customers get can be proven by a simple mathematical equation. Men lie, woman lie, numbers DON’T. Check out http://www.consultantswanted.net for real example of customers bill.

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