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ambit energyThere has been some talk about Ambit Energy online, so I am going to clarify the entire ambit consulting opportunity. This ambit review will focus on the operations and credibility of the company as a great home based business opportunity . You will read only facts and no biased information of any kind in this review.

Ambit Energy Foundation and Credibility:

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Ambit Energy is one of the finest and most respected private retail energy retailers in the United States. In 2006, founders Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless discussed deregulation and decided to put up their own company. Their goal is to provide affordable energy and gas to people in the United States. Ambit Energy company is a multi-level marketing (MLM) and a direct sale business. Ambit’s co-founders have put together a corporate leadership team that rivals any company in America regardless of the marketing model. The co-founders have an incredible business track record and focus on never sacrificing integrity for growth as one of their core principles.

Ambit Energy is a member of the Direst Selling Association (DSA). This means that it abides by all state regulations in the states it is operating in and by the DSA’s Code of Ethics. The DSA code of ethics also means that ambit energy ensures that all independent distributor and customers abide by the best business practices.

Ambit Energy is completely legitimate and generated revenues of over $235 million in 2009 alone. The company is ranked as the number one fastest growing private company in America by INC Magazine.

Ambit energy has earned an “A” rating with the better business bureau. There are not too many networks marketing company that have a “A” rating with BBB. By taking a look at how the company’s consulting business opportunity works and how ambit energy conduct business you will see that there are no grounds for Ambit Energy scams.

Ambit Energy Consultant Business| The Perfect Product:

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energy deregulation

Ambit is not your typical network marketing company that are mainly market health and wellness products. Those products tends to be base on the current market trend, Remember the aci berry trend, silver and god trend, and now there is a coffee product tend. However, most trend tend to fade out. Energy is not a trend is a commodity that will be here today and in the near future. When you’re looking for a product to market you want something everyone not only uses but needs. You want something that is a commodity. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

* #1: Do you regularly use energy (electricity or natural gas) every month?

* #2: Would you like to save money on these energy bills that you have to pay each month?energy deregulation

* #3: Would you like it if your energy provider rewarded you for being a loyal customer?

Ambit Energy offers a commodity that 99.9% percentage of people uses everyday. At Ambit , you’ll get the opportunity to market a true necessity – electricity and natural gas. The service cost NOTHING for a customer to switch over and begin to save. There’s no explaining, no habit change, no inventory, and no collecting of money. We simply help people save money on something they have to have, what could be simpler??

Ambit Energy Consultant Business| The Perfect Timing:

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The timing for Ambit Energy and Energy Deregulation are absolutely perfect. Energy monopolies are being broken up in the United States and Worldwide. Ambit is at the forefront of the movement. Ambit currently service New York, Maryland, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Ambit Energy rates are one of the lowest in those states. In additions, ambit energy provides additional incentive for customers, such as travel rewards, free weekend getaway and free energy. As more states become deregulated the income potential could be massive. Everything is in place including the stability of a proven marketing system and a track record of proven success, yet still provides an opportunity that is wide open to anyone willing to take advantage of this once in a lifetime trend.

As an Ambit Energy’s independent consultant you o can btain an income opportunities with limitless earnings. Ambit Energy offers home-based opportunities, and that means you can choose your working hours. This is a part time business that will grow tremendously for those who are willing to work it. As an independent consultant your income potential could be massive. Ambit Energy already created millionaires several millionaires, multiple six figure earners and that is just the beginning. Ambit Energy is only in 5 states with just a 2% market shares in those states. The company is already on tract to hit a billion dollar in just 7 years. It took the number 10 network Marketing Company 23 years to earn a Billion plus(see chart on left.) Moreover, every state in USA will be deregulated and as an ambit independent consultant you can profit from these markets. where would you be when this happen ?

Why You Should become an Ambit Independent Consultant:ambit energy independent consultant

Ambit Energy has the perfect product which is Electricity. You cannot deny that electricity is a necessity and that everyone uses it. Everybody needs electricity and natural gas because its a service base product. Since everyone needs this product, everybody would love discounts and more savings. As an independent consultant with am, you earn a bonuses, residual income, and free travel for informing consumers about Ambit Energy lowest rates on electric in their city.

Ambit encourage people to take advantage of Ambit Energy independent consultant opportunity to reach their financial freedom number. As an Ambit independent consultant you can rest assure that you teamed up with an excellent company with a great track record on your entrepreneurship venture.

Ambit is a stable regarding its strength on investors. Ambit Energy has the long-term agreement on purchasing with Shell Oil Corporation. They have a great customer care and billing platform which is patented and that makes the company stable. There are no risk for customers to switch to Ambit Energy. No credit checks, and zero cost to switch. Customers can choose a fixed or variable rates to lock in savings.

Ambit Energy Compensation Plan:

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ambit energy has a great compensation plan that can change your financial future. ambit energy pays consultant in many different ways. Ambit consultant does not pay for only sponsoring reps. Ambit pays commission for gathering a group of personal customers that are looking to save money on their energy/gas bill and when your team does the same. Ambit Energy also gives multiply bonuses to 6 levels. Ambit’s compensation plan also includes a residual payout on personal and team customers.

You can generate residual income from customers that refers other customers to the great saving and incentive ambit energy provides its customers. Ambit Energy’s comp plan not only looks good on paper, but one can truly become financial stable if they stay consistent, positive, and motivated

Conclusion :

The advantage of energy deregulation gives countless opportunities for people who takes full advantage and become an independent consultants with Ambit. Where you will be rewarded for bringing quality services, cheaper rates and additional incentives to consumers.Ambit Energy gives you the opportunity to work on your own schedule and grow your Ambit Business. Remember, electricity and natural gas is a commodity that people use daily, monthly and yearly. You not asking or convincing consumers to buy into anything. On the contrary you are helping individuals, and families put money back in their pockets every month by introducing them to Ambit’s Cheaper rates. Join us, and become apart of the countless number of independent Consultants at ambit energy as we embark on the biggest wealth distribution in our time.


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